My Work with Others

In addition to my own creative practice, I offer artistic, writing, and communications support for artists, creatives, organizations, and students. In this work, I help collaborators envision, execute, and publicize their creative work.

Who do I work with?

I offer writing, producing, and communications support to people and organizations in the creative, civic, educational, and political fields: primarily artists and arts institutions, but I’ve also worked with a professional networking company, an economics magazine, a civic think tank, and an affordable housing developer. I also work with students of all ages as a tutor, teaching artist, and writing coach.

I primarily work as a freelancer on an hourly basis, but also work on longer-term projects or as a staff member at organizations.

Why do I do this work?

For many creative people I hear an extreme fear, anxiety, confusion, panic, and self-loathing come up around discussing or building structure around their own work. I experience this as well. In a culture of individualism, creatives are often taught to isolate. This individualism is a key tenet of what bell hooks called “white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

Offering this support to artists and creatives aligns with my commitment to community. Gopal Dayaneni of Movement Generation described an alternative to individualism that is crucial to my practices. He says,

I always say the idea that the individual is the smallest unit of society is a lie. And I don’t say that, like, from some ideological perspective. It’s just simply the case that the smallest unit of society is the relationship between two or more individuals. That it’s the complex of relationships that make up society and community, not the individuals because we can’t make meaning of ourselves without each other.

Meaning doesn’t get made alone, and thus art can’t either.

Practically, I also firmly believe that this shit makes the art better, helps it find the audience it is meant to serve, and helps connect it with resources to produce it sustainably and pay artists well.

We have a right to loving, spiritually aligned, abundant, caring artistic practices that pay us enough to live well. Actualizing these visions is something we do together.

I come from a dramaturgy tradition, which I like to think of it as creative midwifery. I also often think of my “medium” as constellations of people; my job is to help people orbit into the right place so the art can be made.

I reject the binary (often found in the arts) between administrator/producer/editor and artist. This work feeds my artistry and my artistry feeds this work.

How do we work together?

The central phrase I say over-and-over is “What I’m hearing is ____.” In our work together, I will likely ask you to monologue about your creative work, wherever it is in progress.

This can be exceedingly vulnerable. I treat this as holy, intimate work that I don’t take lightly. Because of lived experience, relationship, artistic medium, community, or just….vibe, I’m not going to be the right person for everyone. It’s crucial that we build trust, and that our visions, values, and ways of working align.

I will then ask you some questions and reflect back what I’m hearing and we’ll cultivate some crucial vocabulary to describe what you’re doing.

Depending on what support you need, we’ll make an action plan and decide on deliverables.

I hold a vision and intention that after we complete this work together, we remain in creative community. I want to be your cheerleader for the long haul, even if we only work together once.

Pricing and Hiring

I work on a freelance basis, a contract basis, and sometimes as a (usually part-time) staff member at organizations. On a freelance hourly basis, I offer both a standard price and a sliding scale for my services:

Standard Price: $50/hour

Sliding Scale: $34/hour-$134/hour

If you have a project where you’d like to contract me on a flat fee, or you’d like to hire me as a W-2 staff member, please reach out to discuss those rates.

I’m also open to work trades if it’s the right fit. For work trades, I’m particularly interested in:

  • Two-dimensional visual artworks
  • Art-hanging
  • Editing and dramaturgy support for my creative work
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Fashion advice, alterations
  • Access to event space, performance space, rehearsal space, or spaces for artistic retreats
  • Somewhere I could take a vacation
  • Bodywork or acupuncture
  • Yoga, movement, or personal training
  • Houseplants
  • Haircuts
  • Tax or accounting help
  • Pottery
  • Open water swimming lessons
  • Dance classes
  • Classes, workshops, education, coaching, or resources on creative process, photography, Spanish, German, filmmaking, audio producing, documentary media, storytelling, writing, professional development for artists, solidarity economy models, community organizing/care, food justice, or many other things!