I started doing PR at The Williams Project, where I currently work. Upon being hired, I started building a targeted practice: crafting custom pitches for each individual journalist we were interested in inviting and tying the artistic project directly to their journalistic, intellectual, and artistic interests. This process resulted in tripling our ticket sales on our first production.

I can do this work either for individual artists or for organizations. Together, we’d assemble the following deliverables:

  • A press release
  • A general press list
  • A niche press list to whom we’d pitch specific pieces
  • A series of targeted emails to our niche press list that connect the piece to the journalist’s specific interests

In some situations, I can also serve as the press concierge for in-person events.

Samples of Coverage

KUOW: How 2 Seattle productions tackle race, social justice, and the right to just be

KUOW: For the first time, James Baldwin’s ‘The Amen Corner’ takes Seattle audiences to church

Crosscut: A revived 1964 Broadway play has a message for Seattle liberals

American Theatre Magazine: ‘Sign’ of the Times: Lorraine Hansberry’s 2nd Play Gets 2 New Looks

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are one of my favorite things to make. Often email can feel like inbox clutter or marketing spam. In my practice, I seek to create content that offers personality, meaning-making, relationship-building, and fun. This strategy had proven successful at creating emails with high open rates, high click-through rates, thoughtful conversations irl with audiences, and waves of ticket sales hitting right after they land.

Here are a few formats I’ve used before and some work samples:

If you’re also interested in social media services, I often use these emails as the source material for a series of social media posts.

Social Media

Some artists and organizations love social media, while others find it terrifying or exhausting. Regardless, it’s wildly time-consuming and requires consistency.

In particular, I often work with artists for whom social media creates anxiety, shame, fear, or imposter syndrome. (For the record, I too am one of these artists.) It’s a great area to get some extra help if you’re struggling.

For some clients, I manage their whole social media feed. For others, I offer some consultation or strategy.

Note: I am not a graphic designer or a video creator. I regularly design simple or improvised Instagram posts and I can create and post simple videos. However, my strength is creating text-based content. I’m very open to collaborating with other creators to make more visual content, and I can fake it myself, but if you’re looking for sophisticated visual design, I’m probably not your girl.